What is Twiigle?

Twiigle is a twitter ranking SearchEngine that automatically displays the video download ranking in Japan with TwitterAPI.
Twiigle does not host any copyright content on its server, and all the videos that you download are downloaded to your system directly from their respective twitter CDN servers.

Abuse reporting

Requests to report or remove abusive video links will be processed within 48 hours. Please let us know the URL of the corresponding tweet or video by e-mail.
If the video on Twitter is deleted, the video link on this site will be automatically deleted as well. Only links to videos can be removed on request.

Handling of content

Twitter's Terms of Service state that ownership belongs to users.
However, it also defines that the user grants the sublicense free of charge.
This site is a curation site using Twitter API and displays contents on the Twitter server.
Therefore, it is a format that does not violate copyright.
For details, please check Twitter's terms below.

Legal compliance

In order to comply with laws and regulations, this service does not post illegal content.
In the unlikely event that an illegal video is posted due to an API malfunction, we will immediately delete the video and stop posting the account itself.
In addition, we have a system in which the we checks for illegal content.
Twiigle will not display illegal advertisements that can infect your computer with viruses.
Twiigle does not collect personal information. Cookies are collected but do not identify personal information.
Due to the presence of sensitive content on this website, minors are prohibited from using this website.
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